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If you can follow instructions, pay attention to detail, and find someone to help; you can install laminate flooring. It can be very tricky, but you’ll be proud of your laminate flooring for years to come.

Step 1:

The first step is proper measurement. Grab a tape measure and measure your space precisely. Find a helper that can carry boxes, prepare planks and help with cutting. Each box of flooring is like gold. Accidentally damaging the locking system could make the planks useless.

Step 2:

Read the installation instructions carefully. This information will outline the necessary tools, proper underlayment, moldings, transitions, and glue that needed.

Step 3:

Before installing your laminate floor, ensure the subfloor is dry and level and in good shape. Make sure any loose debris or dirt is removed before the foam underlayment is installed. Remember to read the manufacturers instructions.

Step 4:

Clear a separate area to make your cuts. You’ll be using a saw, so somewhere outside or in the garage is good for this. The installation process is not complicated. It just requires time and patience.


YouTube is a great resource for tutorial videos. Be informed before you dive right into installing your laminate flooring. It will refresh and brighten your room in ways you never imagined.