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Each room in your home comes with its own challenges. A flooring material that’s perfect for one space may not work in another.

Laundry Room and Bathroom

Tile is a traditional choice in these rooms because it holds up well in wet places. Porcelain also allows for barrier-free, design-forward, showers, where the bathroom floor extends straight into the shower without any lip. Choose a more textured product rather than one with a highly polished surface to avoid slippery floors. An electric heating element under the tiles can also be installed and connected to a timer control.


Porcelain tile outperforms every other flooring material for resistance to scratching and denting. It’s a natural fit for high-traffic areas of the home. Plus, it comes in a range of styles to fit any décor. Tile is also low-maintenance. It never ­needs more than a vacuuming and mopping and will last a lifetime.

Sunroom or Enclosed Porch

Tile will stand up to most of the abuse it gets in these rooms. Porcelain tiles can be ­designed to look like handmade ­ceramic tiles in addition to faux wood and stone. Choose a tile that’s rated for outdoor use in your climate if your porch isn’t fully heated and protected from the elements.