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The varnish-like layer applied to your floor is the finish. Each style of finish brings its own visual appearance to the wood and slightly different levels of protection.

Satin Lacquer

Lacquers are a popular for creating a smooth, low maintenance finish. All lacquered finishes are more resistant to splashes and scratches. They also slow the color-changing effects from sunlight much more than oiled floors. The satin finish is slightly glossy.

Matt Lacquer

Matt Lacquer finish looks like an oil or wax finish, but is more resistant to scratches. Lacquer finishes slow the color-changing effects from sunlight much more than oiled floors. This is the most popular way to finish your floor.


A beautiful textured effect can be created by treating each board with a wire brush. The finish makes the wood a little more resistant to scratches and gives it a deeper, more pronounced grain. This finish is often combined with a Matt Lacquer or a Natural Oil.


Distressed floors offer a unique, aged appearance but the process is time consuming and labor intensive. It involves carefully scraping and bashing the floor but this unique finish gives a real depth of character.

Natural Oil

This is the most traditional treatment for flooring and gives a natural, classic look for your floor. Generally speaking, oiled floors offer less protection against sunlight and your floor will change its color much quicker than lacquered floors. Oil needs to be reapplied more often than lacquer, but luckily this is very easy to do.


Some of our floors are supplied unprotected, natural and ready for any finish you want to apply.