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When choosing flooring for any room in the house it’s important to weigh your options. Carpeting is quiet, comfortable to walk on, keeps your feet warm, and so on, but should stay out of a few rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen. Consider the traffic and type of activity that will go on in said room. So what rooms are most popular for carpeting?


Warm and soft underfoot, carpet is a common choice for bedrooms. With carpet there won’t be any sudden chill when you first get out of bed like a chilly stone or wood surface. Choose luxuriously soft Plush & Texture Carpets for formal elegance or Frieze or Berber for a more contemporary, casual look.

Living Room

Living rooms are often highly trafficked areas where family and friends gather to visit. A carpeted room provides a warm atmosphere for conversation. Talk to the Ventura Flooring’s carpet experts about finding a carpet that is extra durable.


While not technically a room, putting carpet on stairs is a great idea as it provides additional grip. By absorbing sounds, carpet muffles noisy feet going up and down.

Entertainment Room

Carpet is great for rooms where kids spend a lot of time. Any falls will be cushioned compared to hardwood or tile and they can use the soft floor for sitting.