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One of the good things about older traditional homes are their original hardwood floors. Newer homes with lower budgets try to reproduce the natural look of wood using laminate to attract potential homebuyers.
However, there are pros and cons when it comes to both hardwood and laminate wood flooring.  This article will help you determine which one is best for your lifestyle, budget and home.

Care. Hardwoods and laminate require similar routine care. Vacuum, sweep and clean up any spills quickly and you’re done. However, spill red wine on some hardwoods and you’ll end up with red floors. People with dogs or small children will tend to get scratches on hardwoods.

Durability. Hardwood floors have to be refinished every five to ten years or so depending on the amount of traffic. A high quality laminate resists wear, fading and staining. It’ll look as good as day one after 20 years without needing anything but the occasional cleaning.

Environment. Both hardwood and laminate flooring are manufactured from trees. Some companies use sustainable pine trees from ecological forest thinning operations and avoid harmful chemicals in manufacturing to give laminates an advantage in the green department.

Cost. Laminates are easier to install, more eco-friendly, last longer, and can be nearly impossible to distinguish from hardwoods. And usually less expensive than hardwoods.

Installation. Professional laminate installation can be performed quickly and easily without glue or nails and all the finishing is done at the factory instead of your house. Installing and refinishing hardwood floors can be a pain. The dust, curing time and smell are not pleasant and potentially hazardous.

Choosing laminate over original hardwood comes down to whether the quality and beauty matches the natural beauty of hardwood flooring and and if it is able to withstand life with kids and dogs, scratching, spills, etc. Visit Ventura Flooring’s Simi Valley showroom when you’re ready to buy flooring. Some floors come with a lifetime warranty.